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Launch Brigade

Launch Brigade


Every creative agency has the same problem: Your own website is the only one you don’t get paid to work on.

After years of establishing itself as a pillar of the Santa Cruz community, Launch Brigade was ready to show off its increased technical and design acumen.

But in the middle of a website rebuild, the CEO got pulled away on a six-figure contract. So the rebuild slowed to a halt.

I was brought in to be a trusted decision maker, conferring with the CEO as necessary, but moving the site forward with my own expertise in brand positioning, user journey structuring, messaging, and design.


1 — Develop the Brand 

Launch Brigade was known to the community for its strong internship program and active sponsorship of the Santa Cruz tech scene. They needed a brand and web presence as value-driven as they are.

2 — Encourage Exploration

Launch Brigade was ready to explore and broaden its brand horizons. Their website sought to capture the sense of beauty, levity, and technical purity that make Launch Brigade unique.

3 — Be Extensible

Launch Brigade was also in the midst of spinning off its managed IT services branch into a new brand: Cloud Brigade. Both brands needed to support each other, without confusing one another.




After spending time around the team, I began to see the unique assets of the Launch Brigade team and culture. I developed some initial brand pillars and briefly confirmed them with the CEO.

After getting his approval, I worked closely with an in-house developer to architect the site’s user journey, and worked through a number of decisions independent of the CEO, allowing him to focus and complete the other project.


Brand Values Development


Equal parts tech and starlight

New tech offers opportunities for beautiful design. Innovative design offers new opportunities for beautiful tech. We are artists and geeks, one and the same.

Curious explorers

We take the time to find out about our clients and our clients’ customers. New possibilities are never exhausted, so neither are we.

Caring navigators

We’re not out here just for ourselves. There are a lot of other people and things we need to take care of along the way. Even non-business things, like the planet we call home.

Embracing adventure

We take joy in the small things, even the unexpected ones. We laugh and gape in awe. We love the destination and the journey.