Wandering Sage




Synergy is a teambuilding and leadership development company.

They were blessed with unique brand differentiators — like one of the only redwood climbing courses in the California Bay Area.

But their website had not kept pace with their carefully designed experiential learning programs.

I was engaged to explore and position the brand, and to assemble and oversee a team for web design, photography, and video production.


1 — Simplify

Synergy had run a number of outstanding programs over the years. But some of them were no longer a core part of the business, yet still took up valuable space and attention on the website.

2 — Be Joyous and Utilitarian

Our primary personas were Hannah and John. They represented a Scout and a Leader. Hannah was our first influencer, while John had the final say. And we needed to speak to both.

3 — Be Cohesive

In addition to a strong design, in order to create the highest quality content, I needed to curate and oversee a team of specialists. Photography, video, and words needed to coalesce into a single voice. 


Internal and External


Weeks of research revealed the customer motivations and dynamics at play. A half-day brand workshop and a series of follow up meetings allowed us to pin down the team identity and future direction of the company.

With this information in hand, my team and I went to work.


Brand Video


Designed for Desktop and Mobile


Unified Design