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The Wigglehop concept was simple: show customers movies playing at their favorite theaters, fast.

Executing on that concept was tricky. No two people we talked to agreed on what was valuable in a showtimes finder. It took many iterations just to nail the user interaction.

In the process, we realized the movie data we could license was overlong, poorly written, and bogged down the user experience.

So we decided to turn a weakness into a strength — we’d produce our own movie synopses in-house. This branded content would be better than any we could license, and it would compliment and reinforce our fluid user experience.

To be successful, we'd need to satisfy three goals.


1 — Be Short 

In order to support users browsing quickly, the synopses would need to be short. Very short.

2 — Be Expressive

Movies are fun. And Wigglehop was always meant to be a fun showtimes app. Not a snore you to sleep app.

3 — Be Consistent

The synopses needed to be a coherent set. You should see one of them and say, “That’s so Wigglehop!"


Solving for Simple


It was intuitive to limit the synopses to 140 characters. We considered going even shorter, but we decided anything more would be too stringent. The product experience had to come first, while social sharing would be a close but clear second.

Most synopses are written in a tone that's remote and objective. We decided to make ours uniquely expressive, going hard in the other direction.

All formality and flowery prose had to die. Instead, it would be pulp entertainment, character and scenario-driven to the core. Our synopses would unapologetically embrace the humor, conflict, and drama of the movie-going experience.


The Content


In Context


Praise for Wigglehop

If you’re a frequent moviegoer, and especially if you regularly go to the movies with family or friends, Wigglehop is a standout app that makes planning—and sharing those plans—easy.
— Dan Frakes, Senior Editor New York Times
Wigglehop is a fast, easy way to make movie plans on the iPhone, iPad, and the web. The app has a great feel, and its workflow is really thoughtful.
— John Gruber, Daring Fireball
Wigglehop is definitely a service you should try. I’m confident you’ll come away from the experience loving it and looking forward to using it again.
— Jeff Cormier, The Next Web

What Users Said


Wigglehop has been featured in Apple's App Store three times: In 'What’s Hot', 'Apps for Movie Lovers', and 'Date Night'. It's also attracted over 250 wonderful reviews from delighted, enthusiastic customers and a lifetime average rating of 4½ stars.


Best Synopses
I would like to know more about the person who writes the synopses for this App. They’re evocative without giving anything away. Some of them are downright poetic. Anyway, best movie showtime app I’ve used for that reason and the ability to hide reviews or scores the move has gotten. I try to avoid all that until after I’ve seen it. 
Drew Lyon

Great design. No clutter. I love this app.
This is not only the best movie times application I have used but one of the best apps, period. It has an elegant, clean design that is easy to navigate and understand. I can get in, page through the application, and find everything I’m looking for in less time than it would take to get to the first page in Fandango. It takes a talented design team to make so much information so easily accessible. — Vernon T


Fast and To The Point!
This app is incredibly fast! Jeez! So much faster than Flickster, which takes a crapton longer to load. I love that it gets you directly to the movies and theaters, then logs your plan for you. Basically, it cuts out all that extra crap you don’t need. :) great for date night when your boyfriend’s on the phone asking you to look up what’s going on at the theater! — Sherilynn Macale

Simplicity Simplicity Simplicity
It takes six taps to find a movie near you. Six. That’s the best thing about this app. No annoying ads or overdone UI. It’s only the parts you need when finding a movie: location, theaters, movies, showtimes. Plus your choices are saved so you can make some plans for the evening and then easily refine them as the night goes on. I’ll definitely be using this the next time I head out to the movies! — Paradoxbomb


Great design, fast and fluid. The best part of this app is the amazing, hilarious synopses. Brilliant! — SpecialTheories

Just Great
This app has everything you want. You can watch the trailers right in the app and it is so easy to use. It has no clutter! It is really the best app have ever used. — L6954276658


Great design. No clutter. I love this app.
This is my favorite app to find movies, hands down the best of all I tried. — irfan72

Beautiful interface, my go-to movie app
So simple, so easy to use. One of the best executed apps I’ve seen. — redningja